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The Ministry of James J. Bolton knows that extensive ministry is expensive ministry. Your donations help better the human condition. All gifts are tax-deductible and appreciated. 

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Help Them Up, A Presentation by Dr. James J. Bolton

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Many of life's failures were people who did not know how close they were to success before they gave up!

I am most honored that you took time from your normal schedule to stop by! Please sign the Guest Book. The ministry is now linked to Twitter, Periscope, Instagram and Facebook. I certainly hope you visit as often as you like as changes are made weekly. Again, thank you so kindly for spending some time with me. Your time has not gone unnoticed or unrecorded.

From the Teachings of....

Excerpts from "Speak LIFE (My Mama Told Me...)"

In my 7th grade year, I came home from school hurting. My mother had sacrificed to buy me a new outfit and shoes (from the grocery store, believe it or not!) for a field trip our class was taking. I felt so good and went to school happy because I knew that I would now be accepted. You see, up to that point, I only wore hand-me-downs. Well, once I arrived to school, while in the presence of six pretty girls, some boys said my glasses were so thick that they looked like the bottom of a coke bottle AND told me I had the biggest head they'd ever seen! When I told my mother what happened, she wrapped me tightly in her arms, kissed my forehead and said, "Son, it is true that you have a big head. But your head is big because there's a lot of knowledge in there. And they were right; you do have bad eyesight. But don't worry, because God has given you GOOD INSIGHT! Now make up in your mind that you can be and do anything, no matter what people call you!" I'm so glad my mother spoke LIFE over my LIFE! Make sure you are speaking powerful words over your children...even if they haven't got here yet!!!

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